How to Choose Proper Plastic Film for Your Application

How to Choose Proper Plastic Film for Your Application

How to Choose Proper Plastic Film for Your Application

It’s important to use the correct plastic packaging solution for your specific application. Whether you’re in an industry that requires color coded packaging like the medical industry or you need extremely durable, flexible bags for industrial packaging, finding the right plastic bag is not always easy. We offer a wide array of plastic film and bags for every industry. In this post, we will briefly look at the different plastic packaging options we have available.

Flat sheeting: Flat sheeting is used to enhance current packaging by crating lining and dividing layers.

Perforated lip: Perforated lip bags work best when used in semi-automatic opening machines and have a cardboard header for enhanced durability.

Perforated rolls: Perforated rolls take up very little space and are an opportune way to hold and distribute your packaging.

Wicketed: Wicketed bags can be used in automatic or semi-automatic bag openers and are designed with duel holes in their upper lip.

Bottom seal: Perfect for rugged, intense use and impenetrable, water resistant packaging, these ags feature tubing without seams that are sealed at the bottom.

Back seal: Back seal is ideal for packaging that has graphics on all sides. These bags are also sealed on both the base and the back.

Side weld: Side weld bags are perfect for general use. They are folded at the base and sealed at the sides.

At Marshall Plastic Film, we have been providing plastic packaging solutions since 1972. Over time, we have expanded our product line and refined our design and manufacturing processes. If you have been looking for a proven and trusted plastic film and bag manufacturer for your packaging solutions, do not hesitate to contact us today!