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HENGRUI, in which Country?

HENGRUI locates in Beichen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, 300409, Tianjin, PR ChinaTianjin City, from Beijing Airport, 2.5 hours by carTianjin City, from Shanghai PVG Airport, 2 hours by air

How about HENGRUI history?

1. Founded in 1994, rent workshop, 2. Built the first  factory in 1999, 8000m23. Move into the second factory in 2010, 14000m2

What's the nature of HENGRUI?

Tianjin HENGRUI Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd is a private stock enterprise.

What does HENGRUI do?

HENGRUI is engaged in designing and processing plastic film and sheet extrusion machines. Main products:1. PC/PMMA Optical Extrusion Line;2. PP/PS Multi-layer Coextrusion Compunding/Barrier Sheet Line;3. APET/PET/PETG Extrusion Line;4. Mulit-layer Coextrusion Cast Film Line;5. PMMA/ABS/TPU Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line;6. Online One-step Solar Back Film Machine;7. PVC Floor Extrusion Machine;8. Geomembrane/Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line;9. Full-auto Winder;10. Cutting Machine;11. Crusher for edge materials

HENGRUI Principles

Innovation, Credibility, IntegrityPut the quality in the first place and customers' needs in the heart.HENGURI pays great attention to the machine's structure, appearance, technical content and safety. 

HENGRUI Quality & Price

Positioning: middle-high end extrusion equipmentsSince 1994, focus on D&R of middle-high end plastic sheet extrusion line, ahead of the Chinese market.Advantages: Energy conservation: power consumption 300-350 degree/ton;High capacity: 300-1700kg/hr;High precision: ±0.01mm (thickness=1mm);Low malfunction: ≥90% run successfully after test;Long service life: the line ordered ten years ago is still in use;Low noise, environment friendly, high safety performance and easy maintenance. Price:The most expensive in China, but 30-40% of the European.


HENGRUI machines are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with CE and European StandardThere is relatively high safety requirements for equipments in EU countries. HENGRUI machines shall fully comply with the CE certification standard. Professional engineers will come to our factory to investigate. 

The max. Capacity by 2015

1700kg/hr (PS coextrusion)

The max. Width by 2002

3200mm (PVC 2-layer)

Product application

Sheet/film: food packaging, industrial packaging, stationary, electronics industry and etc;Thicker sheet/plate: household electrical appliances, furniture, auto, building, chemical industry and etc.

HENGRUI equipment manufacture

more than 90% by HENGRUI itself



Custom made


Offer parameters requirements

materials, materials proportion, sheet width, thickness, capacity, how many extruders (mono-layer or multi-layer), whether special demands